Diabetes – Why should I care?

Someone dies of diabetes every 6 seconds somewhere in the world. The best way to fight Type 2 Diabetes is to avoid it in the first place or to recognise it early.

Learn more how you can lower your risk for diabetes.

Diabetes and You

We have created insightful books in the 5 most spoken languages to teach you more about Diabetes and You.

Learn more about Diabetes and how your choices can make a difference.

Type2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool

A variety of factors can increase your risk of developing Type2 Diabetes. We invite you to use this tool to assess what your potential risk is.

Complete the following assessment (available in five languages) to determine your risk for developing Type2 Diabetes.

Type1 Diabetes – Paediatric Handout

Your child has been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and we are aware that you may be feeling emotional, confused and shocked about the diagnosis and may have many questions about what is happening and where to go from here.

Click on the link below for the ABCs to managing your child’s diabetes.

The Diabetes Journey

Follow the journey of 3 South African women from one family who have lived with the highs and lows of diabetes.

Watch this short video to learn more.