Working in R&D Program Management

This is where ideas are pioneered and innovation takes shape. Where being a health journey partner takes shape — and where you can help bring ideas to life. Research & Development is the heart of our business. The clinical research, clinical development and clinical trials that are essential to new product development all happen here.

Working in Manufacturing

Making our products requires meticulous care and attention to detail. Our manufacturing teams deliver the high level of quality and excellence on which our reputation and brand depend. Ensuring we bring medicines to market efficiently, safely and in line with stringent guidelines, our Engineering & Maintenance teams oversee technical compliance and equipment specifications.

Working in Marketing

Every person’s health journey is a different story. In each product’s lifecycle — through every role, in every function — our marketing team works to ensure and promote positive outcomes. Collaborating with R&D, those on this team bring customer insight to the development process, while delivering effective product launches.

Working in Medical

Innovative medicines rely on sound scientific thinking, clinical expertise and therapeutic insight. This is how we support the health journeys of people around the world. Exacting standards in compliance, intensive clinical studies and ground-breaking publications all play a part in making this possible.

Working in Market Access

The complex business of Market Access, Payer Marketing, Health Economics and Pricing & Reimbursement happens here. The insight and knowledge of our professionals on these teams help us ensure that our products reach the maximum number of people in every market around the world.

Working in Students, Grads, Young Professionals

Your career journey is just beginning. We’ll make sure it’s supported and nurtured from the start. Our business thrives on new ideas and fresh perspectives — bring us yours and we’ll invest in both. At Sanofi, we’ll help you realize your potential.

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