Living with Diabetes can be challenging! That’s why we are providing tools to help you lead a healthy lifestyle… Our integrated care solutions aim to improve outcomes and patient experiences. We have developed innovative, value-based medicines and connected solutions designed to address the most urgent medical and societal needs. Through this work, our purpose is to help people with diabetes disease to improve their quality of life, and we aim at supporting the sustainability of healthcare systems.

COVID-19 and Diabetes

Simple measures can help you stay healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. Learn how to manage diabetes during this pandemic, get help on the free Diabetes Helpline

Patient Diary

To keep track of your blood glucose levels and to help you feel your best, click here for your downloadable glucose diary

Know your Risk

Improve your lifestyle with sound tips to help take the stress out of living with diabetes. Our Living with Diabetes booklet helps you to be informed about various topics important in managing diabetes. We have crafted helpful booklets to support you in your diabetes journey. Why should I care about diabetes? Click here to learn more

Healthy diet is important when living with Diabetes

Control your diabetes with healthy eating and weight management in one personalized plan; Western Meal PlanIndian Meal PlanAfrican Meal PlanBudget Western Menu and Indian Vegetarian Menu

Diabetes Healthy Screening Test Readings

Learn more about Important tests and why they matter in the management of your diabetes

How to use your insulin pens

People with diabetes use insulin pens to inject insulin, a vital hormone for people who have diabetes. There are two popular techniques: Insulin injection technique using a syringe and vial: EnglishZuluXhosa and Afrikaans. How to use an insulin pen: EnglishZuluXhosa and Afrikaans.