Over 400 million adults are estimated to have diabetes, a lifelong condition. 1 As a health journey partner, Sanofi, with its complete insulin range and state of the art delivery devices, contributes to make insulin treatment accessible to more diabetic patients.

Diabetes does not discriminate between gender, race, economical class or age – our approach is to offer a treatment solution for each individual patient with the required support.

SANOFI is dedicated to bringing our patients novel pharmaceutical treatments, educational solutions and patient support programs to aid them in their quest to a healthy, full life.

We are committed to the ongoing training and education of our doctors and diabetes nurse educators and facilitate and arrange various academic sessions, meetings, discussion groups and courses to aid in the most up-to-date and informed treatment of our patients.

Our network of sales representatives and Diabetic Educators affords us the opportunity to not only speak to the prescriber, but also assist, educate and support the patient throughout their treatment. Regular patient days and diabetes education events places us at the forefront of diabetes awareness, and we strive to aid and guide patients onto the road of self-management of their diabetes. 

We are a leading insulin manufacturer offering an insulin solution to patients regardless of their type - Type 1 or Type 2. Equipped with a team of world-class researchers SANOFI Diabetes is committed to the long-term treatment and the global fight against diabetes by developing original and evolving treatment solutions for all patients.

Through all these elements SANOFI Diabetes is committed to our prescribers and patients to go beyond together.