Consumer Healthcare (CHC)

Sanofi is a global leader in Consumer Healthcare (CHC), ranked #3 worldwide in CHC, with world-renowned brands across several key categories. In Consumer Healthcare, everything starts with consumers. Our business is built on offering on consumer innovative, quality brands that fulfil the evolving needs of our customers, thereby building loyalty and helping them manage their personal health so they can live healthier, fuller lives.
As a health journey partner, we leverage the best in science, together with our world-class pharmaceutical quality standards to deliver consumer-driven innovative medicines and products across a number of key categories including allergy, cough & cold, pain, digestive and nutritionals

Cough and Cold

Colds are one of the most common illnesses experienced by both adults and children. While cough is the most common symptom of a cold, people can experience up to five symptoms during the life cycle of a cold.
Our cough & cold offering addresses the full range of symptoms so people can get back to their lives. Our brands are trusted across the world, and some have been on the market for over 50 years.


Allergies can be challenging and symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose can be a burden to getting on with everyday life. The prevalence of general allergies is on the rise, with 40% of sufferers being children. Increased urbanisation and rising pollution have further contributed to the number of allergies in South Africa.  Consumers are looking for fast, effective treatment relief for the whole family. We offer a wide range of products that provide multi-benefit relief and improve quality of life.  Sanofi, your Ally in allergy control

Digestive Health

The gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain. The digestive system provides energy and fuel for the whole body, so when someone suffers from gastro intestinal disorders, their life can literally be put on hold.  Urbanisation in South Africa as well as sedentary jobs are causing a rise in lifestyle diseases such as stress-related digestive disorders and obesity-related health complications.
We offer a range of digestive products for improving digestive health.  Looking after one’s digestive system, including preventing and relieving symptoms enables a greater sense of inside-out wellbeing.

Vitamin Minerals & Supplements -VMS

We are committed to providing world-class products and services that help manage energy, stress, sleep and anxiety. ‘More than 40% of South Africans claim to suffer from stress, fatigue and mobility issues. 


Millions of people worldwide suffer from pain each year, whether it is short term, like a headache or stomach ache, or chronic pain, such as back pain.
As a health journey partner, we aim to empower consumers with pain relief for all pain intensities.