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Our Employees

Sanofi South Africa is made up of the South African, Botswana and Namibian business. Headquarters are based in Johannesburg Gauteng. The company prides itself as a company that is socially and economically relevant to South Africa. As the leading multinational pharmaceutical company in South Africa, SANOFI is one of the largest employers in the industry and one of a few multinational companies with a local manufacturing plant.

SANOFI South Africa’s vision in South Africa is to build a sustainable and diversified business while delivering a portfolio of treatment that can respond to the needs of all South African patients and alleviate the disease burden in the country.

SANOFI South Africa has been recognised as the Top Employer by Top Employers Institute in the country for 14th conservative years, recognizing excellence in working conditions offered to our employees, development of talents and continuous improvement of human resources practices. The certification is only awarded to the top employer around the world to companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offering.

The company in South Africa differentiates itself as an innovative and progressive organization with an experienced workforce that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in order to maintain the company’s position as a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in the country.

Being certified as a Top Employer is the result of Sanofi's long-term commitment to create a great work environment for our employees, and the achievement of our teams’ continuous efforts.

Investment in the country

Sanofi’s primary object at all time is to deliver quality medicine at affordable prices and to ensure that the human right to health becomes a reality, by developing programs to improve access to medicine for all patients, irrespective of financial status.

At Sanofi, we believe solutions emerge through long-lasting commitments with our partners, who work on the ground. The company is socially and economically relevant to the South African patient.

Local Manufacturing: Our commitment to local manufacturing with a comprehensive investment strategy

The manufacturing site was established in 1972, it is strategically place in Pretoria. The site is EU (AIFA) and ANVISA approved and is a Global center of excellence in the production of TB products for the SA and Global markets. The continues investment at our local manufacturing site is aligned to the government’s planned National Industrial Policy, where the pharmaceutical sector has been identified as a lead sector for economic growth – including the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP2). The factory expansions have resulted in Sanofi being able to create employment opportunities for the South African people (approximately 300 employees and contractors). Sanofi manufacturing site is the leading producer of TB and Epilim disease medicines in South Africa. Previous big investment include creation of TB facility to export to the European market, build Epilim facility and transfer of Epilim manufacturing from United Kingdom to Waltloo to reduce cost of product for the South African patient.