Women@Sanofi celebrates our highly successful women who work with dedication and passion across our teams worldwide to deliver solutions in healthcare for everyone, everywhere. In this series of conversations, discover who they really are, what drives them and the rich mix of cultures and perspectives they bring to the table. As individuals they lead the way and push the boundaries, and as a whole they embody our engagement and actions to instill gender equality into the fabric of everything we say and do.

In our societies, gender disparities remain a major obstacle to social progress and economic growth. These are essentially based on perceptual biases and stereotypes that are fading. Gaps in access to education between the sexes are gradually diminishing: women's literacy is similar to that of men. The same is true for school enrollment rates1 and girls in developed countries outnumber young men at university. Yet, women are still a minority in the scientific and engineering sectors (they represent between 14% and 40% in developed countries2), remaining more represented in the humanities, languages and artistic sectors. In addition, fewer of those women graduating in science and technology pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or health.

According to WHO, in households and communities around the world, women are the main caregivers. They make up 70% of the world's health workforce and social workers. Half of women's contribution to global health comes in the form of unpaid aid, worth $ 3 billion a year.Yet, women are underrepresented in leadership and decision-making positions in the health professions.

At Sanofi, women represent 46% of the overall workforce, bringing us closer to parity. However, although we have many talented women, only 36% of them hold senior management positions. Sanofi has therefore made a commitment to achieve a balance between men and women at the top of the organization among its 1,900 leaders by 2025. Our approach is based on a culture of inclusion and diversity and an environment that guarantees equal opportunities for the benefit of all. Recognized as a means to generate growth, gender balance is a real force for attracting, developing and retaining talent and for driving innovation and imagining tomorrow’s solutions, all in the interests of our patients.