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World leader in influenza vaccine with 200M doses per year

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Worldwide supplier of injectable Polio vaccine

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World’s main provider of meningococcal vaccines


Largest portfolio of vaccines for travellers

Combination vaccines, those that protect against multiple diseases, are one of the strengths of Sanofi Pasteur’s product range. They offer the advantage of simplifying vaccination schedules, decreasing health-related costs, and ensuring better comfort during injection.

For young children, sanofi Pasteur is continuing to concentrate its efforts on polio eradication and the prevention of respiratory diseases and meningitis. We have developed and launched a new paediatric combination vaccine that simultaneously vaccinates against 6 childhood diseases i.e. pertussis, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, Haemophilus influenza type b and poliomyelitis, thereby reducing the number of injections and stepping up immunization coverage.

The value of vaccines

Disease prevention is the most cost-effective health-care intervention available. Because immunization helps to inhibit the spread of disease, many people can be protected from illness and death. With the exception of clean, safe drinking water, no human endeavour rivals immunization in combating infectious diseases and reducing mortality rates.

Vaccination saves lives

One hundred years ago, infectious diseases were the main cause of death worldwide, even in the most developed countries. Today, there is a vast range of vaccines available to protect against 26 infectious diseases – and there are new vaccines on the horizon with the potential to prevent even more. Consistent wide-spread use of vaccine has proven successful in controlling or even eliminating disease. Before a vaccination campaign eliminated all natural occurrences of smallpox in 1980, the disease threatened 60% of the world’s population and killed one out of four victims. In 2008, about 82% of all infants worldwide received 3 doses of pertussis vaccine. WHO estimates that, in 2008, global vaccination against pertussis averted about 687 000 deaths.

Manufacturing Complexity

Manufacturing vaccines is a complex journey. It takes between 6 to 36 months to produce, package and deliver high quality vaccines to those who need them. It includes testing each batch of vaccine at every step of its journey, and repeat quality control of batches by different authorities around the world. Vaccines manufacturing is a biological process where a very high level of expertise is required. We need to continually adapt production process to satisfy evolving regulatory demand which varies country by country.

Sanofi Pasteur top priority is to provide vaccines to protect people’s health and we do everything we can to quickly resolve any supply issues that delay us in delivering on this priority. We believe in a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine preventable disease. In order to achieve that goal, we have implemented an ongoing investment program in building internal production capabilities.


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