Consumer Healthcare

Sanofi is a global leader in Consumer Healthcare (CHC), ranked #3 worldwide in CHC, with world-renowned brands across several key categories. In Consumer Healthcare, everything starts with consumers.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases

Over 400 million adults are estimated to have diabetes, a lifelong condition.1 As a health journey partner, Sanofi, with its complete insulin range and state of the art delivery devices, contributes to make insulin treatment accessible to more diabetic patients.


Meningococcal meningitis, is a serious bacterial form of meningitis. Unlike viral meningitis, it can potentially kill an otherwise healthy young person within 1 day after the first symptoms appear.

Rare Diseases

Life is a health journey that for some starts by being born with a rare genetic disorder.There are more than 7,000 rare diseases in the world, and 30% of children affected die before reaching their5th birthday.

Multiple Sclerosis

At Sanofi, we are committed to being partner of the multiple sclerosis community and have been working for over a decade on the development of treatments for multiple sclerosis. We continue to focus our research efforts in areas such as early-stage research programs that focus on preventing and repairing the damage to the nervous system caused by multiple sclerosis.


We have a strong heritage in oncology and are committed to finding new pathways to treat people affected by the disease and improve their quality of life. We, at Sanofi, believe that open innovation will help develop new approaches and expertise to discover targeted treatments against cancer


TB is the No1. Cause of death in South African, this is a disgrace when you consider that it is a curable disease and the drugs are freely available at no cost to the patients in the public sector of South Africa. The cure rate targets set out by the WHO is 85% and the South African cure rates have improved from 67.8% in 2008 to 75.9% in 2012. It is therefore not surprising that SA HAS THE 3RD HIGHEST BURDEN IN THE WORLD and those with the highest burden are India & China (these also have the highest population than South Africa)respectively.