Our Manufacturing site

Sanofi has a production site which manufactures and packages a wide range of pharmaceutical products. It was established in 1959 and is located in Watloo, Pretoria. The site is recognized as a global center of excellence for the production of anti-tuberculosis medicine, which is exported to 13 countries including Europe, Australia, UK, Brazil.

In addition, to the production of TB the site also produces medicine for epileptic disease and medicines for central nervous system, with a dedicated complementary medicines facility for the production of consumer health product range.

In the last 5 years, Sanofi has invested approximately R27 million in expanding and upgrading infrastructure to increase manufacturing capacity for TB medicines.

The expansions at the factory has resulted in Sanofi being able to retain and create new employment opportunities, for 300 employees. Furthermore, we have successfully ran a learnership programme which resulted in 80 learners acquiring employment. By way of illustration, 90% of the Quality Control Laboratory staff were employed through this Learnership Program and some progressed to management level.

Waltloo, a Partner of Public Health

  • Creating access to critical medicine through local manufacturing which ensures health security and an uninterrupted supply of essential medicine
  • Essential medicines must be continuously available at various levels of the health system. Local production is one area that contributes to greater health security and access
  • TB is the leading cause of death in South Africa with 1 out of 100 people developing active TB each year.
  • Waltloo produces the full range of tuberculosis treatment medicines combining up to 4 different drugs in one tablet: This has been a local innovative development to simplify the treatment of TB
  • 70% of the volume of TB medicines is produced for the public sector

Other Key facts about the factory TB manufacturing capabilities

  • 10 million TB Packs per annum
  • EU approved accredited manufacturing plant
  • Global center of excellence development and production of TB products for the SA and Global markets 
  • Trains African and Local Regulatory authorities