Sanofi South Africa Leadership

Portrait of Thibault Crosnier Leconte

Thibault Crosnier Leconte

Country Chair & GM RX Business
Portrait of Laurent Olivier

Olivier Laurent

Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Graeme James

Graeme James

Head of Regulatory
Portrait of Jakes Doorsamy

Jakes Doorsamy

Head of Human Resource
Portrait of Gobisha Ankiah

Gobisha Ankiah

Head of Legal

Portrait of Prudence Selani

Prudence Selani

Head of Communications

Portrait of Marco Maritz

Marco Maritz

Head of Ethic and Business Integrity
Portrait of Gavin Bauer

Gavin Bauer

Head of Market Access
Portrait of Derek Maree

Derek Maree

Head of Sanofi Industries
Portrait of Michelle Hutcheon

Michelle Hutcheon

Head of  Consumer Healthcare
Portrait of Angie Naidoo

Angie Naidoo

Head of Diabetes & Cardiovascular
Portrait of Dieter Herbst

Dieter Herbst

Head of Business Operations
Portrait of Merilynn Matthew

Merilynn Matthew

Head of Operations - Vaccines
Portrait of Leon Boshoff

Leon Boshoff

Head of Supply Chain
Portrait of Heinz Schutte

Heinz Schutte

Head of Trade & Revenue
Portrait of Rashem Mothilal

Rashem Mothilal

Head of Sanofi Genzyme
Portrait of Marc Mitchell

Marc Mitchell

Head of Established Products
Portrait of Trevor Mc Coy

Trevor McCoy 

Head of Public Affairs